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2023 Year in Review: The Evolution and Impact of HTM On The Line, LLC

"Typography art created from words featured in HTM On The Line's Motivational Videos."

HTM On The Line has undergone a notable transformation, evolving from a solely podcast-based platform to a multifaceted Limited Liability Company. It now features roles as a producer of motivational videos, a public speaker, a promoter, and a journalist within the Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) industry. In this review, we take a deep look into the diverse and impactful activities of HTM On The Line in the year 2023.


Podcast and Video Production

  • Episodes & Guests: 27 episodes with 17 unique guests.

  • Global Reach: Extended to 6 continents, 64 countries and 640 cities.

  • Video Content:

  • Primary Audience: Major viewership (47%) from the 18-24 age group.

Blogging and Journalism

"Covering RSNA 2023 as a press member, fulfilling my duties in the journalist role."

  • HTM Blogs: Authored 26 informative blogs, deepening our knowledge footprint.

  • RSNA Conference Journalism: Played a media role, conducting interviews with imaging manufacturers at the Annual RSNA conference.

Public Speaking Engagements

  • Key Events: Graced stages at MDExpo Orlando, CMIA Chicago, AAMI Exchange Long Beach, and more.

  • Community Outreach: Participated in numerous High School career day events held in various cities in the New Orleans, La region. Also connected remotely with biomed students, further expanding the great information about the HTM industry.

Volunteering and Industry Contribution

  • Roles: Active in AAMI Technology Management Council, TechNation Editorial Board, and Delgado Community College ELST Advisory Board.

  • Impact: Influencing current HTM practices and future developments.

Strategic Insights

  • Audience Engagement: Strong resonance with the 18-24 demographic.

  • Content Strategy: Diverse mix of videos, blogs, and journalistic work.

Future Prospects and Vision

  • Leadership Influence: A potential influencer for the next generation in the HTM industry.

  • Emerging Trends: Recognizes the growth in content creators and motivational groups, opening avenues for collaboration.

Special Thank You!!

HTM On The Line is truly grateful for the unwavering support from the College of Biomedical Equipment Technology, our sole sponsor. Even when HTM On The Line was just starting out with only two podcast episodes, CBET believed in our vision and has been a pillar of support ever since. Their encouragement goes beyond mere words – from actively engaging with

our content to attending my presentations at Biomed Conferences, they have shown a genuine interest in our endeavors. It's not just one person; it's the entire school that's behind us. With a humble heart, I extend my deepest thanks to the College of Biomedical Equipment Technology for being an integral part of our journey.


In 2023, HTM On The Line, LLC has significantly expanded its role and influence in the HTM industry. The company's diverse activities in video production, blogging, journalism, and public speaking have not only enhanced its brand but have also made substantial contributions to the HTM field. The commitment to volunteering and advancement of the industry reflects a deep dedication to an industry that has been beneficial to the founder and their family, positioning HTM On The Line, LLC as a pivotal entity in the HTM community.

"HTM On The Line at the CEAI Annual Meeting, hosting our very first live, in-person podcast session."

This blog is sponsored by The College  of  Biomedical Equipment Technology. You can find out more information about this outstanding institution at CBET.EDU.

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