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A Weekend of Inspiration: My Experience at CMIA Connect 2024

Updated: Jan 29

In the month of January, I had the privilege of witnessing the extraordinary world of CMIA Connect 2024, held in the vibrant city of Anaheim, California. This conference wasn't just a meeting of Healthcare Technology Professionals; it was a symphony of insights and inspiration. The speakers at the event didn't just talk; they were pushing us to aspire for new heights in our professional endeavors.

The Expo: A Hub of Knowledge and Progress

The Expo was filled with vendors sharing mountains of information. It was like walking through an HTM world of progress, where every booth and demonstration vibrated with the pulse of innovation. A standout moment was coming across a booth blaring vibrant music, adding a lively tempo to journey through the expo.

But the true gem of this weekend was the networking opportunities. It was in the midst of lively conversations and idea exchanges that I connected with my West Coast HTM colleagues. People who were once just voices on the phone or faces on LinkedIn transformed into sources of inspiration and friendship, their stories and achievements in California becoming vividly real and motivating.

Savoring a delightful day at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula, CA with my wife before heading to the CMIA conference.

Exploring South Cenral California

Before diving into the conference, my wife and I indulged in the beauty of the West Coast. From the serene Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula to the iconic Hollywood sign and the

bustling Santa Monica Pier, our journey was rich and memorable. Yes, we even navigated the notorious LA traffic for about six hours, a small price for such enriching experiences.

One unforgettable evening at the House of Blues revealed a hidden gem among us – Glenn Garrett, a karaoke singer with a voice deserving of a grand stage. My own karaoke performance may not have been stellar, but it was filled with laughter and joy, which were the true highlights of the night.

PM Biomedical's Open House: A Showcase Of Unity

The visit to PM Biomedical's open house was a highlight. Ali Youssef, the COO, led an insightful tour, showcasing a team's collective effort and commitment. Pranil Singh, the CEO, emphasized the company's success as a testament to the team's strength and talent. The presence of a food truck serving delightful cuisine added a unique touch, symbolizing community spirit.

From left to right, PM Biomedical staff: Ali Youssef(COO), Pranil Singh(CEO), Kendal Smith(Medical Device Sales), Donya Ordubadi(Account Representative), Cheyenne Arcuri,(Director of Business Development)

A Conference Filled with Love and Unity

The conference atmosphere was electric with love and unity. The arrival of attendees on Thursday evening was marked by warm greetings, hugs, and laughter, setting a joyous tone that lasted throughout the event. The connections made were more than professional; they were personal bonds woven into my CMIA experience.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the dedicated CMIA members who made this event not just a conference, but a beacon of inspiration in healthcare technology management. We shared more than knowledge; we shared parts of ourselves, creating enduring memories that will guide us in our HTM journey ahead.

(L-R) Emily Hickerson - CMIA Secretary, Byron Webster - Chair of CMIA, Jason Velick - Chair Pro-Tem of CMIA

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