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"Announcing My First Published Book: 'Dare to Be Great' in HTM"

Updated: 7 days ago

I'm thrilled to announce the upcoming release of my first-ever authored book, "Dare to Be Great," a motivational guide that takes readers on an inspiring journey through the world of Healthcare Technology Management (HTM). Drawing from over 30 years of experience, this book offers motivational insights, practical advice, and personal stories designed to empower HTM professionals to excel and make a significant impact in their field.

Why This Book Matters

"Dare to Be Great" is about more than just professional success; it's about personal growth, commitment, and the pursuit of excellence. This book aims to inspire HTM professionals to fully commit to their careers, embrace continuous improvement, and understand the profound impact of their work. By sharing my experiences and lessons learned, I hope to motivate readers to strive for greatness, overcome challenges, and find true fulfillment in their roles.

The Heart of the Book


In "Dare to Be Great," I share my personal experience of discovering Biomedical Equipment Technology in 1990, a pivotal moment that shaped my career. The book emphasizes the necessity of full commitment to achieve professional success, highlighting strategies for staying dedicated and motivated in your HTM career. One of the book’s key focuses is on empowering women in HTM. It celebrates the remarkable strides women are making in the industry, encouraging all professionals to pursue their goals relentlessly. Through inspiring stories of women leading companies and excelling in various roles, the book underscores the significance of supporting and empowering female HTM professionals.


Genuine Influence and Effective Communication

Building trust, empathy, and making your voice heard are crucial for driving positive change and ensuring your contributions are recognized.

·      Strategies for effective communication and avoiding self-censorship.

·      The importance of integrity and a positive outlook in genuine influence.

·      Examples of empowering others and making meaningful contributions.


 Something Unique

A unique aspect of "Dare to Be Great" is the focus on integrating new knowledge immediately and continuously seeking improvement through the acronym P.A.S.S.I.O.N., which stands for "Put A Success Story In Our Now." This approach encourages readers to actively seek out and adopt best practices from others, keeping their journey dynamic and ever-progressing.

"Dare to Be Great" is a motivational guide for HTM professionals, offering practical advice and personal stories to inspire excellence and commitment. By embracing the principles and insights shared in this book, you can achieve personal and professional success in the HTM industry. Keep pushing forward, stay dedicated, and always strive for greatness.

Mark your calendars for September 23rd, when "Dare to Be Great" will be available in hard copy, soft copy, EPUB, and audiobook formats. This book is sponsored by "Elevate HTM," a non-profit organization committed to bringing awareness to the HTM industry. Stay tuned for more details!

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