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B-Hawk Meets BIG Ben

Big Ben and B-Hawk of HTM On The Line  just wrapped up an exciting episode of HTM On The Line podcast and decided to settle things in a friendly duel of “Best of New Orleans!” 🥳⚜️ From beignets to brass bands, who will reign supreme in this ultimate showdown of NOLA.

If you ever visit New Orleans, make sure to stop by New Orleans Food & Spirits and try the Voodoo Rolls!

Doreen Ketchens, nicknamed "Lady Louis" for her incredible ability to hit and hold powerful high notes and her admiration for Louis Armstrong's performance style.

The French Quarter Festival and Essence Festival are two unique events that draw hundreds of thousands of people to New Orleans.

The vibrant spirit of New Orleans shines through its amazing people, known for their warmth, resilience, and rich cultural heritage.

This comic strip, “B-Hawk Meets Big Ben,” comes from the brilliant mind of Jennifer Chester. Jennifer is revolutionizing the Healthcare Technology Management industry with her trailblazing comic strip creations, constantly evolving and bringing fresh, innovative characters to life. It all began with Bella The BMET, and now we are treated to a growing universe of engaging stories. I'm honored and proud to call Jennifer my HTM colleague and, more importantly, my friend. If you haven't experienced the excitement of Bella the BMET yet, you can order your copy by clicking here.  

It's an amazing book for all ages!!

Our heartfelt thanks to our partners: The College of Biomedical Equipment Technology, A.M. Bickford, PM Biomedical, and Talent Exclusive for their invaluable support. Their commitment to the HTM industry's progress is commendable. Visit their websites for more information:

For more podcast episodes, motivational videos, blogs, and newsletters, make sure to visit our website at HTM On The Line. We look forward to connecting with you".

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