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Inside Pronk Technologies with Rick Walston

I had the opportunity to chat with Rick Walston of Pronk Technologies, who are known for their innovative approach to biomedical equipment. Rick shared insights about their products and what sets them apart in the highly competitive healthcare technology management market.


Pronk Technologies: Compact, Durable, and Smart


Rick Walston of Pronk Technologies

Pronk Technologies stands out with its compact, durable, and user-friendly test equipment

designed specifically for the HTM industry. According to Rick, their equipment not only meets the high demands of the industry but is also designed with the end-user in mind. “We manufacture small, compact, durable test equipment for the biomed,” Rick explained. This focus on the biomedical sector has allowed Pronk to tailor their devices to meet the precise needs of their users.


Integration and Usability


One of the most innovative aspects of Pronk’s offerings is their software, which allows biomedical engineers to control equipment directly from an iPad or iPhone. This feature enables users to receive data back in real-time, streamlining the process of equipment testing and maintenance. Rick highlighted their new pressure meter, which underwent extensive field testing: "We had that out six to eight months with biomeds all over the country using it trying to break it, so we could fix it and have a good product when it hits the market.”


Location and Impact


Located in Sun Valley, California, near the bustling Burbank, LA area, Pronk Technologies is at the heart of innovation. Their strategic location aids in keeping their pulse on industry trends and technological advancements.


Unique Selling Proposition


When asked what sets Pronk apart from other competitors in the field, Rick emphasized their commitment to practical design and reliability. “Our key features are small, compact, and durable. It’s also easy to use and extremely accurate," Rick said. He also noted the integration capabilities with existing systems, mentioning their Mobilize app that allows seamless communication between the equipment and hospital maintenance systems (CMMS), ensuring that data flows directly into work orders without additional steps.

"Interviewing Rick Walston for the HTM On The Line Podcast at MDExpo in Las Vegas, NV"

Commitment to Quality and Service


Pronk Technologies doesn’t just sell equipment; they ensure its longevity and reliability. “All of our equipment comes with a four-year standard warranty, covering parts and labor,” Rick assured. This commitment has allowed them to maintain not only the quality of their products but also the trust of their clients over 18 years in the industry.


Looking Ahead


As our conversation wrapped up, Rick hinted at future expansions and more in-depth interactions, possibly including a full episode feature to dive deeper into the technicalities and success stories of Pronk Technologies. “Maybe you got to do a full episode one day, man, just getting snippets in getting people in,” I suggested, eager to explore more about Pronk’s innovative solutions.


Pronk Technologies continues to impress with its dedicated approach to improving biomedical equipment, making it an indispensable ally to biomeds across the industry.

To listen to Rick's live interview on HTM On The Line Podcast at MDExpo Vegas, click here and skip to the 33:40 minute mark.

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