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Insights with Lee Lewis of Sage Services Group

Among the numerous interesting discussions I engaged in at MDExpo, Lee Lewis, the National Sales Director of Sage Services Group, stood out as one of my favorites. He was also the first guest on my podcast at MDExpo Vegas.. Here is a peek into our stimulating conversation.

Lee Lewis, National Sales Director for Sage Services Group, always greets you with a warm smile and southern charm."

Meet Lee Lewis

Lee Lewis, with his unmistakable Southern charm, comes from a small town in Alabama. Now residing in Charleston, South Carolina, he enjoys the coastal life with his wife and two sons. As the National Sales Director for Sage Services Group, Lee brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the HTM industry.

The Sage Services Group Story

Sage Services Group continues to be a family-owned company, and this family-oriented approach is evident throughout their operations. From interacting with field reps to seeking technical support, clients experience a personal touch that sets Sage apart. Their core mission? To foster industry growth and serve their clients with excellence.

Sage specializes in patient monitoring equipment and its accessories. Whether you need repairs or are a biomed professional passionate about maintaining your own equipment, Sage has you covered. They offer an array of both new and refurbished parts, ensuring that your needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Connecting with Sage Services Group

Reaching out to Sage is straightforward. Their website,, serves as a comprehensive resource for all inquiries. Additionally, Sage’s dedicated salesforce is active in the field, ready to connect with clients locally.

Experiencing MD Expo

Lee’s enthusiasm for MD Expo is infectious. He describes the event as a highlight on Sage’s calendar, a sentiment shared by many in the industry. The expo provides a platform to witness the latest technological advancements and network with new and familiar faces alike.

This year, Lee also participated in the Leadership Summit, an experience he found incredibly valuable. Being surrounded by industry leaders discussing solutions and best practices reinforced the patient-driven nature of their work. Lee emphasizes the importance of such dialogues in enhancing both patient care and the biomed experience.

The Joy of Industry Gatherings

You can’t help but notice Lee’s constant smile at these events. His positivity is rooted in the industry’s commitment to excellence. Being surrounded by passionate, patient-focused individuals fuels his own enthusiasm. Lee finds immense joy in working within this community, whether at national expos or local biomed assoications.

A Team Effort

While Lee was accompanied by Joseph Irby, Sage’s local representative from North Florida, he underscores that behind them is a robust team of approximately 40 staff members. Each team member is dedicated to patient care and excellence in the HTM industry, ensuring comprehensive coverage and support across the U.S.

Pictured here are Lee and the Sage Services Group team at their Charleston, SC office, proudly holding their TechNation’s 2024 Outstanding Vendor of the Year trophy."

Sage Services Group Shines at MD Expo Vegas

One of the highlights at MD Expo Vegas for Sage Services Group was being honored as TechNation’s 2024 Outstanding Vendor of the Year. This well-earned and deserving award recognizes their exceptional contributions and commitment to excellence in the healthcare technology management industry.

A Message to the HTM Industry

Before wrapping up our conversation, Lee shared a message of encouragement. Acknowledging the challenges of the job, he highlighted the importance of community and support within the industry. He expressed hope for attracting more young talent to HTM, emphasizing the significant impact they can make both in their careers and in patient care..

To listen to Lee's live interview on HTM On The Line Podcast at MDExpo Vegas, click here and skip to the 01:21 minute mark.

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