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Meet Bella the BMET: Inspiring the Next Generation of Healthcare Technology Management Professionals

Bella The BMET, the comic strip character raising awareness about the Healthcare Technology Management industry.

Meet "Bella the BMET", a comic strip that's recently been making waves in the Healthcare Technology Management industry. Unlike traditional comics filled with adventurous and humorous adventures, "Bella The BMET" stands out for a very different reason.


Bella is not just any comic strip character; she’s a biomedical equipment technician (BMET) who brings the exciting field of Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) into the colorful realm of comics. Created by Jennifer Chester, a seasoned HTM professional, Bella is quickly becoming a beloved figure for HTM professionals and young readers alike. 


Who is Bella the BMET?

Bella The BMET skillfully repairs equipment, motivating a young admirer who asks if they can fix things too. Bella reassures them that with dedication, they can become a BMET or achieve any dream they have.

Bella the BMET is a young, brilliant African American woman who works within the HTM industry, a field dedicated to the management and maintenance of medical equipment. This engaging comic strip character breaks down complex technical concepts into digestible and entertaining stories, making it easier for young readers to grasp and develop an interest in the HTM industry.


In one of her recent adventures, Bella is depicted skillfully repairing a piece of imaging equipment, showcasing not only her technical expertise but also her problem-solving skills and dedication to patient care. Through Bella, children see a reflection of real-world challenges and the critical thinking required to address them in the medical field.


The Vision Behind Bella


Jennifer Chester, the creator of Bella the BMET, is no stranger to the HTM industry. With her

rich background in the industry, Jennifer brings authenticity and depth to Bella's character.

Jennifer Chester, founder of NextJenn TechMOM and creator of Bella The BMET.

Her initiative, NextJenn Mom, extends her commitment to education by introducing children to the fascinating world of S.T.E.A.M. This new venture of her, aims to spark curiosity and foster a love for learning by integrating these critical subjects through creative storytelling and relatable characters.


Jennifer's passion for this most recent project is evident. She believes that by exposing children to the HTM industry at a young age, especially through engaging formats like comic strips, we can nurture a new generation of innovators and problem solvers ready to take on the world’s big challenges.


Why Bella Matters


Representation matters, especially in the Healthcare Technology Management industry, where diversity is crucial yet often lacking. Bella the BMET not only fills this gap but also provides a role model for young African American girls who may not see enough representation in this industry. Bella’s character encourages them to explore and consider careers they might not have thought was possible.


Bella The BMET diligently works on an ultrasound machine, displaying her skills in servicing medical equipment.

Tune in for More on Bella


To get deeper into the world of “Bella the BMET” and to hear directly from her creator, don't miss the next episode of “HTM on the Line Podcast” this upcoming Tuesday. Jennifer Chester will discuss the ongoing developments of the HTM industry, the future of Bella, and the impact of her NextJenn Mom venture.


Bella the BMET may start her journey in the pages of a comic strip, but the possibilities for her future are boundless. As we watch her evolve, who knows how far she can go—perhaps transitioning from print to animations, educational series, or even interactive platforms that could revolutionize how young people learn about the healthcare technology management industry. Let’s tune in to the upcoming episode of "HTM on the Line Podcast" this Tuesday to discover more about what Jennifer Chester has planned. It’s clear that Jennifer's vision for Bella The BMET is just the beginning, and there are many more exciting developments in store. Join us as we explore the potential of Bella the BMET and the future projects Jennifer is passionate about bringing to life.


The journey of Bella the BMET is just beginning, and it promises to be an inspiring one. By blending education with entertainment, Jennifer Chester is not just shaping the future of a comic strip character; she’s influencing the next wave of Healthcare Technology Management professionals. Tune in, get inspired, and join Bella The BMET on her mission to make a difference one comic strip at a time.

For further information about Jennifer Chester, you can connect with her on these platforms:


Youtube: click here

Linkedin: click here

Instagram: click here


HTM On The Line podcast is available on all major podcast platforms. You can also click the link here, to access upcoming episodes or listen to past episodes.

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Nicole Ruffin
Nicole Ruffin
19 de abr.

Thank you for giving this incredible woman a platform, Bryant. My heart swells, and my eyes get misty a bit, everytime I see Bella. Representation matters! Keep up the amazing work Jennifer! 👏🏽

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