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Pioneering Progress: A Conversation with the Leaders of PM Biomedical

"From left to right: Ali Marwan Youssef, COO, and Pranil Singh, CEO, both of PM Biomedical."

We kicked off the first day of the MD Expo with an engaging sit-down with Pranil Singh, CEO, and Ali Marwan Youssef, COO, of PM Biomedical. Both leaders are self-motivated figures in the healthcare technology management (HTM) industry, having co-founded the company in 2022 in Santa Ana, California. Their rapid growth trajectory has already led them to plan a second location in Ohio.


Pranil, with a background in sales and operations management, and Ali, an expert in technical repairs, have combined their substantial knowledge to build a formidable team of over 38 employees in just two years. This team includes experienced technicians and top-notch sales representatives covering every state.

During our discussion, they shared their unique approach to differentiating PM Biomedical in a crowded market. Their strategy focuses on delivering quality workmanship, fast turnaround times, and fostering a family-like culture within their workplace. This approach not only enhances their service delivery but also establishes a strong family bond among their team, from sales to shipping.


A key part of their success is their active participation in community initiatives, particularly with the California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA), which helps strengthen their local industry relationships. Pranil and Ali also highlighted their commitment to quality service, rapid response times, and exceptional customer support as crucial selling points that set them apart in the HTM community.


Our conversation at the MD Expo provided deep insights into how PM Biomedical not only adapts to industry demands but also anticipates future needs, ensuring their readiness to serve the evolving healthcare industry. As they expand and continue to innovate, PM Biomedical remains a notable example of leadership and entrepreneurial spirit in the HTM field.

The PM Biomedical team(family) sharing a meal together at the recent MD Expo in Las Vegas.

To listen to Pranil and Ali's live interview on HTM On The Line Podcast at MDExpo Vegas, click here and skip to the 07:14 minute mark.

This podcast is sponsored by The College  of  Biomedical Equipment Technology. You can find out more information about this outstanding institution at CBET.EDU. 

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