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Raising Awareness for Healthcare Technology Management (HTM)

20+ Biomed Associations Nationwide: These organizations educate, network, and celebrate HTM professionals!

As we get ready to go into 2024, I want to take a moment to reflect on our journey and the remarkable strides we've made in the HTM industry. From humble beginnings when career choices seemed limited to policemen, firemen, and doctors, we've evolved into a dynamic and vital sector of healthcare. The world of HTM and biomedical equipment technology has expanded exponentially, but the question that looms before us is: How do we bring awareness to our industry and make it accessible to the masses?


The answer lies within each of us, and it begins with a few simple yet powerful steps. Let's embark on this journey together, as we strive to inspire and guide the talents of tomorrow towards an extraordinary future.


Harness the Power of Personal Connections:

Think back to your own journey. Were you introduced to HTM on your school's Career Day? Chances are, you weren't. We must start by reaching out to young minds through personal connections. Share your passion for the work we do with your family, friends, co-workers, and anyone who will listen. Let's make it clear that HTM welcomes individuals of all ages and backgrounds, but let our primary focus be on the younger generation, for they are the future of our industry.


Imagine HTM as a Blockbuster Superhero:

Picture this: a Hollywood blockbuster featuring an HTM professional as the lead actor, akin to Superman or Wonder Woman. This may sound like a stretch, but the essence is exposure. We need to be in the spotlight, whether through movies, documentaries, or other forms of media. Exposure is key, and we should pursue it relentlessly.


Embrace the Digital Age: In recent years, we've witnessed the rise of webinars, BMET associations, trade shows, and conferences dedicated to HTM. Moreover, the digital realm offers immense potential. Podcasts, Instagram accounts, Tik Tok channels, and YouTube shows can be platforms for us to showcase our work. However, let's not mistake activity for progress; we need to target younger audiences.

You can now eplore the HTM industry through webinars, podcasts, Instagram accounts, TIKTOK channels and Youtube shows. They all serve as platforms to bring awareness to the HTM industry.

P.A.S.S.I.O.N. - Put A Success Story In Our Now:

P.A.S.S.I.O.N. is not just an acronym; it's a call to action. We must be passionate advocates for our industry. Share success stories, talk about the lifesaving work we do, and do it with an undeniable passion that resonates with others. Let them see, hear, and feel the intensity of your commitment.


Collaborate with Recruiters:

Our industry is currently grappling with a staffing shortage, and relying solely on recruiters won't bridge this gap. We must build genuine relationships with our recruiters, ones

that go beyond transactional interactions. Ask them, "How can I contribute? How can I be     part of the solution?" Be proactive, for progress is driven by those who rise to the occasion.


In 2023, we've got recruiters spanning generations, from seasoned pros who've been shaping the industry since the '90s to the trailblazing newcomers. These recruiters aren't just skilled; they're game-changers. Some of them thrive on pushing boundaries and taking on the extraordinary mission of recruiting HTM professionals for volunteer work in the most challenging, resource-scarce corners of our world.

Remarkably, they're not just taking on this challenge; they're absolutely excelling at it. Today’s HTM recruiters are making the impossible happen, connecting dedicated individuals with a burning passion for HTM to opportunities that bring life-saving technology to the farthest reaches of the globe. It's nothing short of awe-inspiring.  I have to simply say thank you to all the hard working Recruiting professionals in the HTM industry.

As we navigate the formidable challenge of raising awareness for the HTM industry, let us remember that our mission is clear: to light up this field and guide the talents of tomorrow towards an extraordinary future. It's a challenge, but it's also an opportunity for each of us to make a lasting impact.


In unity and determination, we can ensure that HTM is recognized, celebrated, and embraced by all, leading to a brighter, healthier, and more technologically advanced future for healthcare.

HTMRecruiters: Bridging Generations from recruiting veterans shaping the HTM industry since the '90s, to trailblazing newcomers taking us to the next level and beyond.

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