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Reconnecting at MD Expo: An Insightful Chat with Ryan Sanders

Updated: Apr 28

Ryan, with titles such as Certified Healthcare Technology Manager and Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician, is well-prepared to handle the comprehensive requirements of his role.

During MD Expo in Las Vegas, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan Sanders, an old friend and seasoned professional in the Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) industry. Ryan, currently thriving as a Vice President of operations and based in Southeast Texas, shared his insights and experiences, shedding light on both his personal journey and the evolving landscape of the HTM industry.

Networking and Learning at MD Expo

Ryan's enthusiasm was undeniable as he discussed his participation in the MD Expo, an event he's attended multiple times. "We're having fun, doing quite a bit of networking, doing quite a bit of learning more about how our industry evolves," he said. His involvement isn't just passive; Ryan has often taken the stage as a guest speaker and presenter, contributing to the collective knowledge and practices within the HTM community.

The Role of Continuous Education

One of the highlights of his current visit was the array of classes and presentations, which served both as refreshers and as sources of new, valuable information. Ryan pointed out a particularly impactful presentation by Heidi Horn, which focused on the evolution of hospital department controls and what a CE program should encompass. These learning opportunities underscore the dynamic nature of the HTM field and the need for professionals to stay informed and adaptable.

A Journey Through HTM

Reflecting on his career, Ryan detailed his path from a field service biomed to a leadership role. "It's been an amazing journey," he shared, emphasizing the importance of influence—both giving and receiving—as a key component of his professional growth. His story is a testament to the progressive opportunities within the HTM industry, showcasing how dedicated professionals can rise through the ranks and significantly impact the field.

Certifications and Achievements

Ryan also highlighted the importance of certifications in validating expertise and dedication in the HTM industry. Holding titles such as Certified Healthcare Technology Manager and Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician, he proudly covers "all the bases," ensuring his qualifications meet the comprehensive demands of his role.

Future of HTM: Integration and Innovation

Looking forward, Ryan predicts significant advances in technology integration within HTM. "I think the lines between IT and biomed are becoming more and more blurred," he remarked, suggesting that the future will demand a blend of traditional hardware skills with robust IT and cybersecurity knowledge. This integration is crucial as the scope of biomedical equipment management expands to include more complex, interconnected systems.

Words of Wisdom

Concluding our discussion, Ryan offered advice to peers in the industry: remain self-reflective and passionate. He believes that understanding and remembering the 'why' behind one's work can be a guiding light through challenging times, reinforcing the personal satisfaction that comes from a career in HTM.

As we wrapped up, it was clear that Ryan Sanders remains a dedicated, forward-thinking leader, deeply embedded in the progression and betterment of the HTM industry. His insights not only highlight the ongoing changes in the field but also the enduring importance of community, continuous learning, and personal growth within the healthcare technology management profession.

To listen to Ryan's live interview on HTM On The Line Podcast at MDExpo Vegas, click here and skip to the 09:27 minute mark.

This podcast is sponsored by The College  of  Biomedical Equipment Technology. You can find out more information about this outstanding institution at CBET.EDU. 

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