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Seeking Your Support for Tech Choice Industry Influencer of the Year Award

Dear HTM Community,


Greetings, I am making my last appeal today for your valuable support in my bid for the Tech Choice Awards(Also known as the Wrenchies) Industry Influencer of the Year award. The voting period closes on January 12, 2024. My 2023 journey in the Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) industry has been a vibrant narrative filled with innovation, active community engagement, and dedicated mentorship.


Why Vote for Bryant K. Hawkins Sr:


Trailblazing Awareness: At the helm of raising consciousness for the HTM industry, I have utilized my podcast, motivational videos, and blogs to highlight the vital role of healthcare technology management industry. My endeavors are not just about innovation but about making a real difference in how we perceive and engage with healthcare technology.


Robust Community Engagement: My commitment goes beyond words. By actively participating in Career Expos and addressing students at high school career days, I've worked tirelessly to sow the seeds of knowledge-sharing and collaboration. These efforts are instrumental in nurturing a future ready HTM community.


Bryant dedicates relentless effort to raise awareness to the HTM industry.

Dedicated Mentorship and Leadership: The core of my mission lies in mentoring the youth. I’ve guided numerous aspiring professionals towards the HTM industry, with several already graduating and contributing to the field. This mentorship is about building a legacy that transcends today, shaping the healthcare technology management leaders of tomorrow.


How Can You Support?


Cast Your Vote: Please click here. To vote for me, Bryant K. Hawkins Sr. Every vote brings us closer to reaching our goal.

Spread the Word: Share this post within your network. The power of collective voices can create an immense impact.


Share Your Impact Stories: If my journey in HTM has influenced or inspired you, I'd be honored to read your stories in the comments.  Your support is not just a vote for me but a vote for the vision and values we share in the HTM industry. Together, we can continue to make significant strides in the healthcare technology management industry.


Thank you for your support!

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