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Seizing Opportunities in HTM: A Conversation with Arleen Thukral

Updated: Jun 29

In the latest episode of "HTM On The Line with Bryant Hawkins Sr.," we delve into the fascinating journey of Arleen Thukral, a dynamic professional in the Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) industry. Arleen's passion for science and engineering began early, with DNA camps and robotics courses in middle school. This dual interest led her to biomedical engineering, a field that perfectly merges medicine and technology.

From Early Interests to a Career in HTM

Arleen's career took a pivotal turn when she discovered clinical engineering through the Career Center at RPI and joined the VA Technical Career Field program. Her initial role at the Milwaukee VA provided her with invaluable experience and mentorship. "I honestly loved the fast pace of getting that instant gratification when you implement a new technology in a hospital," she shares, highlighting her excitement for the field.

Evolving Roles in the HTM Industry

Arleen's career has seen significant growth, from an engineering role to management positions, including a regional chief role in Seattle and now a chief regional manager in New York and New Jersey. She has been instrumental in implementing major changes, such as an on-call program and a modern CMS, focusing on building teams and enhancing leadership skills. Her journey emphasizes the importance of evolving from a technical expert to a leader who fosters team growth and development.

The Hybrid Work Experience

Despite the challenges of a hybrid work schedule, Arleen finds joy in the flexibility it offers. "I actually love that it's an intermix. When I go into the office, I get to interact with the quality management staff and the chief medical officer," she notes, appreciating the balance between remote and in-person interactions. This setup enhances productivity and reduces commuting stress, contributing positively to both work and personal life.

Celebrating HTM Week and Building Community

Arleen's dedication to the HTM industry extends beyond her immediate role. She actively participates in events like HTM Week, encouraging her team to share their first-year experiences and fostering a sense of community and reflection. Her focus on continuous learning and setting clear priorities helps her navigate the complexities of her responsibilities effectively.

Looking to the Future

Looking ahead, Arleen envisions exciting developments in the HTM industry, including the integration of network medical devices and SAS products, as well as the potential use of large-language models in CMMSs. She is committed to improving training methods for new professionals and leveraging remote technologies to enhance patient care efficiency.

Upcoming Presentation at AAMI

Arleen will be presenting at the upcoming AAMI conference, discussing the importance of interpersonal skills in leadership roles. Her presentation, titled "Improving Your Interpersonal Skills to Succeed in Leadership Roles," will take place on Monday, June 10th, at 8:00 AM. This session promises to provide valuable insights and practical tips for aspiring leaders in the

HTM industry

Arleen's journey and insights exemplify the dynamic and evolving nature of the HTM industry, offering inspiration and valuable lessons for both seasoned professionals and newcomers alike. Tune in to the episode featuring Arleen Thukral on "HTM On The Line with Bryant Hawkins Sr." by clicking here.

Additionally, if you are attending AAMI, be sure not to miss Arleen's presentation.

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