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Spotlight on Education: Shaping the Future with the College of Biomedical Equipment Technology

Lisa and Lesley at the MDExpo in Las Vegas, just after completing an interview with the HTM On The Line podcast.

Day two at the MD Expo brought an enlightening conversation with two remarkable ladies from the College of Biomedical Equipment Technology (CBET). I had the pleasure of talking with Lisa Gonzalez, the Director of Student Services, and Lesley Harrington, the Career Services Supervisor. These dynamic women shared insights into the evolving field of HTM and how CBET is fostering the next generation of experts.


Expanding Horizons in Biomedical Education

 Lisa explained that CBET is experiencing significant growth, introducing programs that are shaping the industry's future. Among these are the Healthcare Information System Management degree and certificate, and a resilience-building leadership program. These offerings are not just courses; they represent CBET’s commitment to enhancing and expanding the HTM industry through comprehensive education and robust partnerships.


Bridging Gaps Between Young Enthusiasts and the Industry

 Lesley shared her excitement about the increasing interest among students, from eager high school graduates to seasoned technicians seeking to advance their careers. The college's approach is hands-on and community-focused, connecting students directly with industry partners to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.


The Impact of High School Career Days

Lisa and Lesley representing CBET at Byron Steele High School Career Fair in Cibolo, TX.

A standout initiative that Lisa and Lesley highlighted was their involvement in high school career days. They brought practical demonstrations to these events, such as a patient monitor setup, which not only engaged but also educated students about the critical role biomeds play in healthcare. Lisa passionately noted, "You thank the doctors, but you don’t realize that the unsung hero is the biomed." This perspective is what they aim to impart to students—showing them that a career in biomedical equipment technology is about making a real difference.


Lighting the Spark of Curiosity

Lesley recounted the moments of revelation students experienced when they realized their everyday skills could lead to meaningful careers. Whether tinkering with cars or assembling computers, these skills are transferable and valuable in the HTM industry. The realization often lights a spark in young minds, showing them the possibilities within their reach.


CBET's Output and Vision for the Future

Lisa proudly stated that CBET is poised to exceed its impressive output of 300 biomeds last year. More than just teaching, they focus on comprehensive career development, helping students articulate their skills and ambitions clearly to potential employers. This holistic approach ensures that students are not only educated but also ready to excel in their careers.


A Continued Partnership

The conversation ended with an invitation for more discussions, reflecting a shared commitment to advancing the field of biomedical equipment technology. Lesley extended an invitation to have me speak to their students, an opportunity to connect directly with those entering the field.


This interview not only highlighted the advancements in biomedical education but also underscored the passionate educators behind this progress at CBET. Their dedication is not just to teach but to inspire and prepare students to innovate and lead in the healthcare technology management industry. As we wrapped up, it was clear that CBET's influence on the industry is profound, driven by a genuine passion for healthcare technology management and the people who keep it moving forward.

To listen to Lisa and Lesley's live interview on HTM On The Line Podcast at MDExpo Vegas, click here and skip to the 27:30 minute mark.

This podcast is sponsored by The College  of  Biomedical Equipment Technology. You can find out more information about this outstanding institution at CBET.EDU. 

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