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The College Of Biomedical Equipment Technology – Preparing Students for the HTM Workforce Needs

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

I had the privilege of speaking with Lisa Gonzales and Lesley Harrington from the College of Biomedical Equipment Technology (CBET). The discussion provided valuable insights into the Healthcare Technology Management industry and the importance of quality education in shaping future HTM professionals in the field.

CBET offers a wide range of programs including certificate programs, Associate of Applied Science Degrees in Biomedical Equipment Technology and Healthcare Information Systems

Director of Student Services
Lisa Gonzales - Director of Student Services

Management, as well as exciting new imaging courses. The college has a unique structured approach to its program offerings. The College offers both 100% Online and hybrid

certificate, degree, and other course and program offerings. The Certificate and Degree Programs Full-time students are engaged in two courses every six weeks, accompanied by weekly live webinars. This structure ensures an enriching learning experience that accommodates the dynamic nature of the biomedical industry.

One of the highlights of the discussion was the student preparation process at CBET. Both Lisa and Leslie shared their experiences on how they build lasting relationships with their students. They emphasized the role of professional communication and how it helps students to excel in their careers. A significant part of the student preparation process is resume’ building and a mock interview process. These activities are aimed at ensuring that the students are fully prepared to ace their job interviews. In addition to this, Lisa and Leslie revealed some tips and tricks on setting up professional social media accounts. They provided guidance on what to say during an interview and how to perfect an elevator pitch. These tools and techniques are essential in helping their students stand out in the competitive job market.

Lesley Harrington - Career Services Supervisor/ Adjunct Instructor

Towards the end of our conversation, we discussed the vital skills needed in the biomedical industry and the effect of technological advancements on the profession. The need for bio-med techs to have additional IT training was stressed upon, as the biomedical industry continues to evolve with the advancements in technology. This is where CBET's role becomes even more crucial. They offer courses that equip students with the necessary skills to navigate the technological changes in the industry.

In conclusion, the episode highlighted the importance of high-quality education and the role of institutions like CBET, in shaping future professionals in the biomedical industry. Their commitment to providing comprehensive learning experiences to their students is indeed commendable. With institutions like the College of Biomedical Equipment Technology, the future of the biomedical industry is in capable hands.

If you would like to hear this Podcast episode: Click the link:

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