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Women in Leadership Society: Pioneering Change in HTM

The Rising Tide of Female Leadership in HTM


The state of Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) has long been viewed as a male-dominated field. However, the 21st century is witnessing a significant shift, propelled by the influential roles of female leaders. These women are not just part of the industry; they are actively steering it towards a more inclusive and diverse future. In the latest episode of HTM On The Line podcast, we had the privilege of speaking with the board members of the Women in Leadership Society, an organization that epitomizes the increasing presence and impact of women in HTM.


The Foundation of the Society


Danielle McGeary, shedding light on the origin of the Women In Leadership Society noted, "April saw a need for connection among women in HTM, a vision that resonated deeply with me." McGeary's words remind us that from a single spark of recognition — the need for unity among women in a male-dominated field — can grow a powerful movement. It highlights

how acknowledging and acting upon a shared need can lead to the creation of a nurturing and empowering space, where women can thrive, collaborate, and lead with confidence. This society's foundation stands as a testament to the impact of recognizing and fulfilling a crucial gap, inspiring us all to be proactive in creating the communities we wish to see.


As Danielle gives her speech at the virtual 2020 UConn Academy of Distinguished Engineers induction, her one-year-old daughter looks on with keen interest. This touching scene symbolizes the profound impact we can have on future generations, perfectly capturing the spirit of the WIL group's mission.

Leadership Beyond Titles


Leadership in HTM goes beyond holding positions of power. It's about embodying a spirit of passion and commitment. The women in the Leadership Society exemplify this, demonstrating that leadership is about actively shaping the future of HTM with innovative ideas and a commitment to progress.  April Lebo provided a fresh perspective on what it means to be a leader, stating, "True success in leadership is about passion and positivity, not just titles."

From left to right: Kim Rowland, Vice President of WIL, and April Lebo, President of WIL, pictured at one of the numerous HTM Associations conferences they participate in.

Networking for Success


In any professional journey, networking is key, and HTM is no exception. Our discussion reveals how platforms like LinkedIn have become instrumental in forging a strong network for women in HTM. Kim Rowland highlighted the importance of networking and education in HTM, "Educating and connecting women in HTM goes beyond technical knowledge; it's

about creating opportunities and nurturing relationships." This insight points to the society's commitment to fostering holistic growth, networking, and community building.


Growth and Mentorship


Amber Sportsman, Treasurer of WIL, brings 34 years of experience in the HTM industry.

Amber Sportsman's insightful statement on personal growth and mentorship, "It's a mindset... Learn from those you admire and strive to be a mentor while being mentored,"

captures the essence of continuous professional development. This advice goes beyond the

conventional understanding of mentorship, highlighting a dynamic process where learning and teaching occur simultaneously. It encourages individuals to remain open-minded,

always ready to absorb knowledge and experience from those around them, while also being prepared to guide and inspire others.  Amber’s insight serves as a reminder that in the journey of leadership and professional development, one is both a student and a teacher, continuously evolving and contributing to the collective wisdom of the field.


Uniting in Shared Vision

Adrianna England, the Secretary of WIL, boasts over 15 years of experience in HTM.

 Adrianna England emphasized the collective spirit of the Women in Leadership Society, "We all shared the same vision, coming together as a group of strong, dedicated, and fearless women," resonates deeply with the foundational principles of collaboration and shared purpose. Her statement underscores the society's commitment to unity and strength, illustrating how a common vision can be a powerful catalyst for change. This unity is not just about coming together; it's about harnessing the diverse strengths and experiences of each member to create a synergy that propels the entire group forward.


 A Call to Action


Encouraging participation and support, April Lebo urged, "Join our LinkedIn group, spread the word, and help us grow by inviting other women to be a part of this mission." This invitation is not just a call for membership but a rallying cry for advocacy and solidarity in the movement towards a more diverse and inclusive HTM community.


As the episode concludes, we are left with a sense of optimism about the future of HTM. The Women in Leadership Society's plans for expansion, including establishing local chapters and inviting international members, signal a commitment to building a global network of women leaders in HTM. The personal stories shared are a testament to the incredible achievements possible when women support and unite with each other.


Join us in this empowering journey and hear these influential women share their stories, experiences, and visions for the future.  By listening to the podcast here.

This podcast is sponsored by The College  of  Biomedical Equipment Technology. You can find out more information about this outstanding institution at CBET.EDU.

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