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Book Review: "Bella's Big Fix: The Story of a Smart Girl and Her Tools" by Jennifer Chester

Title: Bella's Big Fix: The Story of a Smart Girl and Her Tools

Author & Illustrator: Jennifer Chester

Genre: Children's Literature

Publication Date: April 24, 2024


"Bella's Big Fix: The Story of a Smart Girl and Her Tools" by Jennifer Chester is a charming children's book that combines an inspiring story with vibrant illustrations. This book not only entertains young readers but also introduces them to the fascinating world of Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMETs), showcasing the vital role they play in healthcare. Chester, who both wrote and illustrated the book, has created a compelling narrative that encourages curiosity, problem-solving, and perseverance.

Summary of the Plot

The story is set in the cozy town of Tinkerage, where Bella, a bright-eyed girl with a passion for puzzles and machines, lives. Bella loves to tinker with her tool set, believing she can fix anything with the right tools. Her talents are noticed by her science teacher, Ms. Carter, who introduces her to the concept of a BMET—professionals who ensure medical equipment work perfectly to help doctors save lives.

Intrigued and inspired, Bella sets her sights on becoming a BMET. She is focused on learning about technology and healthcare, joins science clubs, and begins repairing old electronics. As Bella grows older, she attends a special school to train as a BMET and eventually starts working at her local hospital. Her journey is filled with challenges and triumphs, culminating in a high-stakes situation where she must fix a critical incubator in the neonatal intensive care unit, ultimately saving a baby's life.

Themes and Messages

1. Perseverance: Bella's unwavering determination to solve problems and fix things, even in the face of difficulties, teaches children the importance of perseverance. Her journey illustrates that persistence and hard work are key to achieving one's goals.

2. Creativity and Problem-Solving: Bella's inventive approach to fixing things highlights the importance of creativity and critical thinking. The story encourages young readers to use their imagination and think outside the box when faced with challenges.

3. Curiosity and Learning: The book emphasizes the value of curiosity and lifelong learning. Bella's eagerness to learn about new technologies and her dedication to mastering her craft inspire children to pursue their interests and continually seek knowledge.

4. Teamwork and Helping Others: Through Bella's interactions with her teacher, classmates, and colleagues, the story underscores the significance of teamwork and helping others. It shows that collaboration and mutual support are crucial in achieving success and making a positive impact.

"This illustration holds a special place in my heart, highlighting women of color in the HTM industry. Pictured are Allison Woolford, Monica Garcia, Nicole Ruffin, Shylena Ellis, and, of course, Jennifer."


Jennifer Chester's illustrations are a delightful complement to the story. The colorful and detailed artwork captures the essence of Tinkerage and brings Bella's world to life. Each page is filled with engaging images that enhance the narrative and keep young readers visually entertained. Chester's ability to blend text and illustrations seamlessly makes the book a joy to read and explore.

Writing Style

Chester's writing is simple yet impactful, making the book accessible to young readers. The language is clear and age-appropriate, and the story flows smoothly. The dialogue is natural and helps develop the characters, particularly Bella, who is portrayed as a relatable and inspiring main character.


"Bella's Big Fix: The Story of a Smart Girl and Her Tools" by Jennifer Chester is a wonderful children's book that combines an engaging story with beautiful illustrations. It teaches important life lessons about perseverance, creativity, curiosity, and teamwork while introducing young readers to the essential role of Biomedical Equipment Technicians in healthcare. This book is a great addition to any child's library and is sure to inspire and entertain.

About the Author:

Jennifer Chester - Author of Bella's Big Fix

Jennifer Chester, a skilled author and illustrator, is also a Healthcare Technology Management Professional, Artist, Public Speaker and is also the CEO of NextJenn Tech MOM. Her love for storytelling and art is evident in the books she produces, which aim to engage, educate, and motivate young readers. "Bella's Big Fix" is just one example of her cherished works that highlight her imaginative spirit and commitment to fostering children's curiosity and love for learning.

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Rating: ★★★★★

"Bella's Big Fix" is highly recommended for children and parents who enjoy heartwarming stories with valuable lessons. Jennifer Chester's talent as both a writer and illustrator shines through in this delightful book.


"Guess what arrived today?! Thank you so very much, Jennifer Chester, for this wonderful book. It truly helped my daughter understand what I do AND she loved the hairstyles. She was also thrilled to see my name in it. 😂😁 Keep doing what you are doing!! #HTM #CBET #BlackGirlMagic" - Allison Woolford, CBET - Biomedical Equipmenet Specialist, Garner, NC

"This just in! #BellasBigFix by the talented Jennifer Chester. So excited to share this with young people." - Teresa S. Mendosa, MBA, Co-owner and Business Director at Level One Imaging, San Diego, CA

"Jennifer Chester, look what came today 💙💚💙💚 My heart is full for you, what an achievement (for both you and Bella!!!)" - Amber Sportsman, VP of Operations at Midwest Imaging Corp. (MW Imaging), St. Charles, MO

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