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Remembering Horace Hunter: A Pillar of Strength and Encouragement

As I reflect on the profound impact that Mr. Horace Hunter had on the Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) industry and on individuals like myself, I am reminded of the brief yet meaningful interactions we shared on LinkedIn. Although our conversations were limited, his words of encouragement resonated deeply with me, urging me to persist in my efforts to bring awareness about the HTM industry.

Horace Hunter dedicated over 44 years of his life to the HTM industry, specifically as a longstanding member of the Georgia Biomedical Instrumentation Society since 1979. His unwavering commitment is not only commendable but truly inspirational. It’s leaders like Horace who pave the way for future generations, creating opportunities and setting benchmarks of excellence. His legacy is a testament to the enduring influence one individual can have on a professional community and beyond.

While I never had the honor of meeting Horace face to face, the narratives shared by his acquaintances paint a portrait of a man immensely esteemed and dearly cherished. Dr. Jeff Smoot, in particular, would often recount tales of Horace’s exemplary character and his substantial contributions to Georgia’s HTM landscape.

It's truly inspiring to see the outpouring of respect and admiration for Horace Hunter, affectionately known as Butch. I'd like to share a particularly heartfelt tribute that captures the profound impact he had on the HTM community.

On April 20, 2024, Glen Stone from Tarrytown, GA, shared these touching words:

"Horace Hunter was not only a mentor and friend to myself and many others, but he was also a cornerstone of the HTM industry. From my initial days teaching Biomedical Instrumentation, Horace offered invaluable professional guidance and introduced me to the Georgia Biomedical Instrumentation Society (GBIS). This connection led to countless meaningful friendships and professional opportunities not just for me, but for my students as well. Though we mourn his loss, Heaven has indeed gained a cherished soul. Horace, you will be profoundly missed, but your legacy will continue to inspire and influence us all. Thank you for the precious moments we spent with you."

This tribute is a testament to Horace's remarkable contributions and the indelible mark he left on everyone he touched.

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Gareth Hunter
Gareth Hunter

Thank you for such a beautiful tribute to a great man! He was many things to many people but for me, his title was simply- Dad. I assure you that the same way you regarded him in such high regard, he regarded you all in the same vein. Thank you for making such a hard-worked, life mission that my father devoted much of his time to visibly worth it by seeing your tributes and touching memories. Those memories will be with you through the remainder of this life and I pray that they comfort you as well. Stay Encouraged Gareth Hunter, Eldest son of Horace Hunter- Stay Encouraged! Any inquiries or to stay connected for any further memorial celebrations please…


Jeffrey Smoot
Jeffrey Smoot

Bryant K. Hawkins Sr. what a great tribute to a fantastic person. Horace Hunter was one of my good friends and I will miss him dearly. We would talk often about GBIS and the HTM community. I recall the time when I was working a contract in Syracuse NY and I was also completing my Doctorate and Horace reached out to me and told me how proud he was of me and wanted me to be on GBIS board which eventually gave me the opportunity to Keynote my

 first time at GBIS Symposium. He believed in me when I really did not in myself. When I started teaching the HTM program MiraCosta College Community Education & Workforce Development he would give me curriculum advice. Horace Hunter was…

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