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Special Edition: Live from MD Expo Las Vegas - Inside the Vibrant Vendor Hall with "HTM on the Line"

Welcome to a special edition of "HTM on the Line," your go-to podcast for insights into the healthcare technology management (HTM) industry. I’m your host, Bryant Hawkins Sr., and this episode comes to you directly from the vibrant vendor hall of MD Expo in Las Vegas.

A Gathering of Innovators

This week, we had the unique opportunity to engage with leading vendors and sponsors who are pivotal to the expo’s success. Key players like USOC, Fluke Biomedical, PM Biomedical, SAGE Service Groups, and AIV shared their latest innovations and insights. Here’s a rundown of some of the standout conversations from day one.

Spotlight on SAGE Service Groups

Lee Lewis from SAGE Service Groups was among the first to join us. Hailing from a quaint town in Alabama and now residing in Charleston, South Carolina, Lee brings a homely charm to the cutting-edge arena of HTM. As the National Sales Director, Lee highlighted SAGE’s commitment to family values within the corporate environment and their specialization in patient monitoring equipment. SAGE stands out not just for their services but for their approach to filling gaps in patient care, particularly noted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Kids on the Block: PM Biomedical

Our discussion with Pranil Singh and Ali Marwan Youssef of PM Biomedical shed light on their rapid ascent since their founding in 2022. Based out of Santa Ana, California, with plans to expand into Ohio, PM Biomedical prides itself on a unique corporate culture and a keen focus on quality, speed, and customer service. Their approach to growth is cautious yet ambitious, aiming to perfect their offerings as they expand.

USOC Medical: At the Heart of HTM

The team from USOC Medical, including Amy Hobbs, Hailey Larson, and Arianna Ramirez, shared how their company supports the HTM community across the country from their bases in Irvine, California, and Houston, Texas. Known for their repairs and sales of patient monitoring equipment, USOC Medical is diving into perioperative and critical care equipment, showcasing their adaptability and expansive service coverage.

Innovations in Ultrasound: MW Imaging

Jessica Curtiss of MW Imaging discussed their specialized support for ultrasound equipment, including parts and probe repairs. Operating nationwide, MW Imaging emphasizes a strong customer relationship and high-quality service standards, which are central to their operations.

A Glimpse into Fluke Biomedical

Justin Ross from Fluke Biomedical explained the extensive capabilities of their testing equipment, which are revered for their durability and the comprehensive training available. Fluke’s commitment to innovation is evident in their recent launch of an infusion pump analyzer, marking a significant advancement in their product lineup.

A Closer Look at American IV(AIV)


Gerard Edwards shared his first-time experiences at the MDexpo in Las Vegas, where he represented American IV (AIV). This small yet robust company specializes in medical technology, particularly in the maintenance and supply of parts for infusion pumps, and has recently ventured into the veterinary market with their innovative Vetro CRI veterinary syringe pump. With a three-decade history and a tight-knit team of about 50 employees, AIV champions a family-like atmosphere that Gerard believes sets them apart from larger corporations. He also introduced the PowerMate-CM, a new product designed to safely monitor electrical current in medical environments. Gerard's insights highlight how AIV's commitment to quality and client care is deeply rooted in its community-oriented company culture.

Reflections and Insights

As we wrapped up day one, the conversations highlighted not only the technical expertise of the vendors but also their passion for the HTM field. Each discussion brought forward themes of innovation, dedication to customer service, and a deep-seated commitment to enhancing patient care through technology.

Join us for more updates as we continue to bring you the latest from MD Expo Las Vegas. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the HTM community, these insights are invaluable for anyone looking to stay ahead in this dynamic field.

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This podcast is sponsored by The College  of  Biomedical Equipment Technology. You can find out more information about this outstanding institution at CBET.EDU. 

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